SaveOnEnergy Infographic: How Solar Panels Work

This is an exciting time for solar power. According to industry reports, solar power made up about 40% of all new electric capacity installed in 2014. In addition, the nation’s solar capacity by the end of 2016 is projected to be double what it was at the beginning of 2015, while costs continue to decline and panel efficiencies increase.

How solar panels work


Tesla P85D – Launch Mode

If you set a TESLA Model S in “launch mode” it will achieve even faster acceleration.

How to activate Launch Mode:

  1. Enable Max Battery Power
  2. Hold brake pedal down
  3. Press accelerator pedal down too
  4. Release accelerator
  5. A message will appear on the dashboard stating “Launch Mode Enabled”
  6. Press accelerator down and release brake pedal within 4 second