Beef Ribs

Lately I’ve been making a lot of beef ribs. Using a Weber Smokey Mountain 57cm. I use the snake (minion method) which consists on placing a big empty can in the middle of the charcoal grate, placing unlit briquettes on one side forming a snake of about 270° along the circumference, and then firing up 15 briquettes, then placing them on just one side taking care of using a brick or a thick metal layer to protect the unlit briquettes on one side, so the fire can develop on just one direction.

Then I keep a steady temperature of 110°C for about 3 hours to allow the hickory wood to develop smoke and permeate the meat. Then it is a waiting game until the meat on the bone does reach 97°C. At that moment we are ready to remove meat from the smoking chamber and place it to rest for an hour or two on a portable mini cooler.