• 1 liter of water
    • 3 black tea bags
    • 75 g of white granulated sugar
    • a scooby and some kombucha

Bring water to boil and leave to infuse for 10 minutes. Remove tea bags, add 75 grams of sugar, mix well until all the sugar has dissolved. Leave to cool until it reaches at least 35°C. Pour into a glass or ceramic container which has a wide mouth.

At this point add the scooby and kombucha. Cover with a cloth and attach it to the edge of the container with an elastic band (do not cover tight).

Leave to rest in a quiet place at room temperature (20°C-30°C) without vibrations and without smoke. Do not touch, and do not open for the following days.

Wait 10-14 days. The longer you wait, the more sugar will be processed by the scooby and the acidity of the kombucha will increase, the drink is ready when it is no longer sweet. The mushroom grows bigger and increases in volume and can be used (both the new and the old part) for the next batches.

Before drinking Kombucha tea, filter through a fine sieve (it has to be plastic because contact with metal could oxidate due to contact with an acidic liquid).

If the result is too acidic add a liquid sweetener or mix with other drinks (just before drinking – don’t do it in advance) and remember to shorten the curing phase to a lesser amount of days.